Dream Place Haven’t Visited

Every person has dream, especially place to visit. I am like you all, readers. I have dreams for some places to visit. After 22 years come to this earth, I have visited 3 country, Indonesia, my own country, Malaysia and Singapore. But, I don’t find a very difficult adaptation because there are many similarities in cultures.

I really want to visit some places that have very different cultures. Cultures I mean are like food, dress, buildings, historical places, language, etc. I don’t know when I will reach them,  but I am sure I will be there someday. Now, the only one I have to visit them is hope. Without hope, we won”t be able to do anything. With hope, we can do everything we want.

So, this is my top 3 of my dream places :



Why must 2 of them? Yeah, because they are witness where my prophet, Muhammad Shalallhu alaihi wa sallam was born. He was born in Mekkah. For these 2 places, it is related to my religion. I saw a lot of my friends have visited them two. The weather is very different with Indonesia. It is quite hot in the noon, but very cold in the night. It is different to me.

About the food, I think it is nice to try food in those two cities. Most of foods there are bread and meat. People there rarely consume vegetables. It is interesting I think. So, I pray to Allah to give me chance to visit them. Insya Allah



London is a one of the best modern city in the world. Thames River, Big Bang, and Buckingham Palace are little of interesting places in London. I think it is very nice to see people from different country and tribe. I also want to hear how British speak English. I am sure it will be different with English dialect from Asian people.

Beside that, I also want to see my Indonesia friends living there. it will be nice Indonesians in outside Indonesia. When I went to Singapore and Malaysia, Indonesians have very large number. So, I don”t feel lonely when I am in those 2 countries. But in London, I am sure I will be lonely. So, I need Indonesia friend to see.



China is one of the economy giant in the world. China have a alot of natural resources that can be used to produce many products. The industries in China have developed more that in Indonesia, from the quantity and quality. I am interested with import export business. And you know, most of import export suppliers is coming from China. Even, Apple, the technology company in USA, create their components in China because the price is very cheap.

China has many fabulous places to visit like Great Wall, Rainbow Mountain, Forbidden City, etc. I am also interested in Chinese language. I like to listen when my Indonesian Chinese friends talk in Chinese language. It sounds funny for me, but it is interesting language. Ni hao, ni hao ma. Haha, I just can to speak little of Chinese language.


Those are my dream places. How about you? Share it..


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