Mercy and Power of Allah – True Story from Pakistan

I heard a good story this morning. Very good story. The story tell me that the mercy and power of Allah is unlimited. This story come from Pakistan, a country close to India. When I heard it, the story was so touching. The biggest message is never underestimate mercy and power of Allah. Never. The mercy and power of Allah will come to us in the right time and right place, and also through right people. This is the story.


The story starts from Islamabad, capital city of Pakistan. There is a famous neurologist named Dr Ishan. He is the one of few accredited neurologist in Pakistan. Because of lack of neurology expert, Dr Ishan often goes to another city and country to gives some lectures, medicates patient, does surgery, etc. In short word, he is a busy neurologist in his country. To make an appointment with him, people need 5-6 months before the appointment date to confirm him.

One day, a Sheikh from Pakistan outside Pakistan called Dr Ishan to gave him medication cause he felt unwell for his body. And finally Dr Ishan took plane to the Sheikh’s city. He flew for 1 hour. But suddenly black clouds came around the plane. Lightnings started showing their powers to the passengers. Besides lightning, black clouds made a lot of turbulence in the plane. Until one moment, a machine of plane was hit by lightning and off. Very unpredictable moment by pilot and passengers. The pilot announced that the plane had to landed in the closest airport to repair the machine.

When the plane reached the airport, Dr Ishan and all passengers were surprised because the airport is a small airport. Only a few people there. Dr Ishan asked the pilot when the plane will fly again. The pilot said that it will be long, because the mechanics of plane are still on the way. But, the pilot said that the destination city of Dr Ishan is only 3 hours from the airport by car. Dr Ishan took taxi to accompany him to the Sheikh’s home.


The problem came again. The rain outside was so heavy. It caused very much muds in the road and blocked the road. The taxi couldn’t move. Dr Ishan asked the driver to be faster, but he cannot. The taxi was stuck there. Moreover, it was in middle of farm land, only a house appeared. Dr Ishan looked on his watch and he said to the driver to stop and ask help to the host of the house to do shalat and drink a little water because of the bad weather. They ran to the house and knocked the door. An old lady opened the door and saw them like a troubled people.

I : May I come in to do shalat, Madam? Our car is stuck because of mud
O: Oh yeah. My pleasure. I have small mushalla and sajadah

They two came in and do shalat. The old lady continued his praying in her room. After that, when they wanted to leave and said thank you to the old lady. Dr Ishan saw a child in the bed. He looked unwell.

I : Who is he, Madam?
O: He is my grandchildren. He is orphan. He is sick now.
I : Why don’t you bring him to the hospital?
O: I have done it. But, the doctors gave up and said that only 1 doctor in this country can treat my grandchildren. But, he is far away. I have no money to reach the city and pay the doctor. I also have to make appointment to him 6 months before meeting  him.
I: Who is the name of the doctor, Madam?
O: The name is Dr Ishan. The doctors said he is an expert of neurology.

From that moment, Dr Ishan started sobbing. He knew the lesson why the plane and taxi stop. Allah is guiding him to this house. The old lady said that after getting information, she prayed everyday to Allah to make easy for the child.

I: Your pray is answered. My plane was broken just now, and then now my taxi is stuck. Allah is guiding me to this house, Madam. I am Dr Ishan, the doctor you mean


Dr Ishan treated the child until the disease is completely healed. Dr Ishan told it by himself and this story has been a famous story in the media. We, as the servant of Allah really need Allah. When we pray, we must convince that our pray will be granted. Only Allah knows the time and place. When the old lady started praying to make easy the child, Allah created a beautiful plan fro the children and Dr Ishan. When another people need to make appointment in 5-6 months  before to meet Dr Ishan, the lady didn’t to make any appointment. Allah sent him directly to the house without any appointment between the old lady and Dr Ishan.

Never underestimate the mercy and power of Allah. His power is unlimited. He knows the best time to grant His servant’s prays. This story told us, especially  myself, that we besides make effort, we also need to pray. So many people do many extraordinary efforts, but they fail cause they forget to pray. and so many people do little efforts and pray to Allah, and Allah give their request from the unpredictable ways. But, it doesn’t mean we don’t need to make efforts. But, beside efforts, all we need is pray, du’a to Allah.


Astaghfirullahal adzim, rabbighfilii, rabbighfirlii. As alallahal jannah, wa akhirul da’wanaa anilhamdulilahi rabbil ‘alamin



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