Your Future Depends On Your Daily Activity

Hello, Assalamualaikum. Good morning. From now on, some articles in this blog will be written in English, and for some spesific information will be in Indonesian, in order to make every people in this world can understand what I write in here. Why I did this? Simple, cause I love writing. Writing is more interesting than engineering, haha LOL. Never mind.

We live in same earth. We live in same time. We have same duration in a day, 24 hours. But, we have so many differences that we can see every day in our campus, office, school, airport, and another places. We see some people are successful, some people not successful yet, some people fail.  I believe that we all try to reach our dreams. Some of us maybe have reached it, some of us haven’t. So, all we need is keep trying and struggling to reach it.


If you dream to be director of a company, you must act from now on like a director. Do you the character of director of a company? Decisive, smart, good public speaking, etc. If you dream to be lecturer in campus, be it. Act like lecturer from now. Be diligent, stay curious, etc. You have to start to act like what you are supposed to be. You want to be entrepreneur, be it. Be whatever you want, but you must know, there are many paths and obstacles you need to pass before reaching it.

Our biggest enemy is ourselves. We want to have much money, but we just play games all day. We want to please our parents, but we always disobey them. We want to win a football game, but we are lazy to run. We want to get scholarship abroad, but we never prepared for it. We want to come on time to office, but we are lazy to wake up earlier. We want to graduate, but we don’t do assignments. We want to want to reach the top of mountain, but we give up too soon after looking from bottom. We could be “booster” for ourselves, but we could be enemy for ourselves, too.


Let me tell you a story I have a friend, call him David. He wanted to graduate in 4 years sharp. After 1-2 semesters, he thought, “Oh, I can’t graduate in 4 years sharp. I still have many academic problems”. But, he never gave up. I salute him. He tried to repair his schedule, habits, etc. Before changing like that, his habits is playing games all day, dating her girlfriend every day, join any community he want, etc. After realizing that he was wrong, he changed his life. He didn’t stop playing games. He managed his games time. He provide his time more for studying. And the most difficult thing is he broke up with his girlfriend. So sad, but it is the “price” that he must pay for his dream, so he can focus more. I don’t mean that you, the readers to broke up your girl/boyfriend now. It is just David’s way yo reach his dream. He had studying time more after breaking up. And, he graduate 4 years sharp. Great change. How about me? Dont ask, I just almost graduate last month, hahaha.

Your daily habits will drive you to your dream. I can say that daily habits is a transportation to reach the dream. Make a positive daily habits, you will reach your dreams.






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